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Waco police release statement on constitutional carry law

Posted at 3:11 PM, Sep 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-01 16:16:44-04

Over 600 laws signed by Gov. Abbott went into effect today, some may affect every local community in Texas.

New Constitutional Carry legislation in Texas allows all law-abiding Texans to carry a handgun without a license to carry. The Waco Police Department's Chief Sheryl Victorian released a statement regarding the continued importance of gun safety.

"With the adoption of HB 1927, also known as the 'constitutional carry' law, it is critical that persons who intend to carry a weapon know and understand the totality of the law," said Victorian. "Particularly, people who intend to carry a weapon should know whether they are a legal carrier, as well as where they are 'allowed to' and 'prohibited from' carrying a weapon."

The Waco police chief also emphasized that anyone who is carrying should understand that officers have the responsibility to detain anyone who displays weapons with reckless disregard, and that they may disarm a person if it is believed to be necessary for the protection of the person, officer, or any members of the public.

Safety guidelines for carrying a firearm include making sure they are holstered, secured, and stored properly. Some Central Texas police stations have free gun locks available to the public, including The Hewitt Police Department.

"As a police chief, I strongly recommend anyone who plans to carry a weapon receive training on the proper usage, cleaning, storage, and safety of guns," said Victorian.

Chief Victorian said carrying a weapon comes with responsibility, and anyone who chooses to do so should be educated on the law, and the powerful impact they can make, when it comes to emotional, mental, and physical consequences that may occur from firearm use.

"The 87th Legislative Session was a monumental success, and many of the laws going into effect today will ensure a safer, freer, healthier, and more prosperous Texas," said Governor Abbott on Wednesday as the constitutional carry law passed with other legislation. "I look forward to my continued work with the legislature to build upon these successes and create an even brighter future for the Lone Star State."