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Waco Parks and Recreation starts Black History Month mini museum

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Posted at 7:08 PM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 01:11:38-05

WACO, Texas — Waco Parks and Recreation unveiled their new Black History Month mini-museum Thursday morning.

"We really take the month of February to highlight Black History Month and the impact so many individuals have on our society and really honor that legacy and learn how we can make contributions ourselves," Parks and Recreation Director Jonathon Cook told 25 News.

The walls of the Dewey Community Center are covered with quotes, pictures, and facts about Black people and their contributions to America.

"We're not just about recreation," he said. "We're about outreach, community, and also education. It's important to teach our kids about role models and things that they can aspire to be and do and learn from the struggles and challenges and accomplishments people have made in our society."

Catelia and Eduardo Vasquez had the same idea when they stopped by on opening day with their child. While they knew she might not understand at this time, they want her to grow up with knowledge of Black history.

"If you don't learn about it, you can't grow from mistakes in the past so a lack of knowledge means lack of growth," Catelia said.

The museum highlights prominent Black people from across the country and also in Waco.

Catelia said she was happy to see the first Black female mayor of Waco on the wall because she remembers when it happened.

"I do remember seeing her in newscasts and in the Trib and I do remember when she passed," she said. "She was visible and I think that's what matters, visibility."

People can visit the exhibit through the end of the month, Monday through Saturday at the Dewey Rec Center.