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Waco mom aims to help parents unable to find formula

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jun 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-08 19:18:38-04

WACO, Texas — Parents across Central Texas are still struggling to find baby formula for their children.

The shortage comes after a string of babies getting ill and even one death in Texas, all linked to an Abbott Nutrition plant. The FDA called for the plant shutdown over a bacteria outbreak back in February.

Central Texas moms told 25 News at the time it was nearly impossible to find food for their children.

"I probably cry about it at least once a week because I feel kind of like a failure and hopeless that I'm not able to feed my son," Killeen mother Brittany Matthews had said.

It is now nearly four months later and not much has changed.

"I've seen moms in the formula aisle literally crying because they can't find what their baby needs," Waco mother Taylor Crawford said.

Crawford is the mother of a nine-month-old boy. She fed her son formula when he was younger, but made the switch to breast milk just before the shortage hit.

"When my son was six-week-old, he got COVID," she said. "Since he already had pre-existing lung conditions, it was very hard on his body and he got admitted for a week. That's where I started re-lactating."

She began to produce so much milk that she decided to start donating it to other mothers in need.

"Why would I keep it stocked up if I know a baby that's struggling can use it?" Crawford said. "My baby is nine-months-old and he has about a month's supply worth that I have that I'm willing to give to mothers if they need it."

With baby food options limited and the shortage not seeming to be ending any time soon, Crawford's been able to help Central Texas moms who can't find food to feed their children.

"It's awesome honestly," she said. "I feel like I'm helping. There [are] a lot of things you can't do at this time. You can donate formula or you can donate breastmilk, that's pretty much your only option."