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Waco firm opens "Pandemic PR" to deal with COVID crisis

Posted at 6:23 PM, Dec 11, 2020

WACO, TX — One Waco business started helping others make it through the crisis with "pandemic PR."

Early on, Liz Anderson learned the ropes of crisis communication, partnering with a bigger company.

She eventually took over the project herself while remembering two important concepts.

"Be proactive, and be honest and transparent," she explained.

That simple idea, honesty is the best policy, became the foundation for her new COVID crisis business "Pandemic PR."

"You have to be honest with people. You don't want to hide anything. I think the worst thing that could happen is something bad happens like a super spreader event and for that business to not even acknowledge it. That's sad," said Anderson.

Too many companies do that.

Companies that often fall on hard financial times over a breach of trust with customers is something that hasn't changed throughout the pandemic.

Even with the vaccine on the way, experts tell us the COVID crisis has a long way to go before it concludes.

That could mean more ever-changing rules, and more guidelines.

Anderson doesn't see her business slowing down anytime soon. She expects it to keep growing.

In the almost 12 months it will take to rid ourselves of the virus, the need for businesses will grow.

Anderson's Pandemic PR clients say the advice works.

”They're comfortable with it. They know we're not just gonna be exposing people. I would say business has picked up a little bit because of it,” said Dakota Hansen, of Clark Roofing.

"Its helped us helping families to understand this can still be a rich experience for your soul," said Hatch Bailey, president of Wilkerson-Hatch-Bailey funeral home.

As we enter another pandemic phase, Anderson says the message of Pandemic PR has never been so important.

"We're getting a little fatigued and business owners may be tired of it you know, but this is not the time to stop. This is not the time to stop," said Anderson.

Because stopping means giving up, and Anderson says good Texas, and good Texas businesses, never give up.