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Waco drivers encouraged to slow down on icy roads

Posted at 7:27 PM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 20:27:26-05

WACO, Texas — Streets in Waco were slick and wet during the day on Thursday.

When the sun sets and nighttime brings in even colder temperatures, a lot of that water on the road could start to freeze and make the conditions even more dangerous into the night.

Waco PD will patrol the streets to make sure everyone stays safe and to keep an eye out for roads that are unsafe to drive.

"As our officers are out patrolling the area, they're monitoring the roads," Waco PD PIO Cierra Shipley said. "If they see a road needs to be closed, they will do that. Of course, if we do close a road, that will be updated on our social media pages."

TxDOT Public Information Officer Jake Smith told 25 News their crews will also work hard through the night to keep the streets safe.

"Ours crews are still engaged in 24 hours operations and will be until the end of this event," he said. "They'll be out there tonight and tomorrow to make those roads as safe as they possibly can."

Drivers are asked to stay off the roads if possible. If not, they are encouraged to drive very slowly and give plenty of space between the cars on the road.