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Waco Council members re-elected in Districts IV and V give feedback on resident thoughts

Posted at 8:49 PM, May 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-03 23:18:26-04

WACO, TX — The City of Waco had a General Election over the weekend where three council district seats were on the ballot.

District II, IV, and IV. Out of the three only one, District V was running contested. District II and IV had incumbents Hector Sabido and Kelly Palmer running uncontested.

Four people were vying for the District V seat and went to incumbent Jim Holmes.

Wacoans of District IV and V although represented by their same council members had plenty to say on what they like and where they think improvements should be made.

Starting with District IV, that area runs near downtown Waco. Starting at University Parks Drive and heading west toward 39th Street. Councilwoman Palmer has only been serving since November 2020 and says she is excited to continue a full term.

"Historically the city council has incentivized big business like Amazon or Hello Bello with tax incentives and grants and I would love to see us do really similar programs for these ma and pop local shops," Councilwoman Palmer said.

Business has been booming in District IV, despite a pandemic, and homeowner Steve Reyna says that's one of the many things he enjoys about his neighborhood.

"For the elderly ya know, they can't get like H-E-B, Walmart stuff like that. These stores help them out," Reyna said.

Councilwoman Palmer says she loves to support local and understands the importance of those smaller businesses. She is hoping to create a better plan to help small businesses.

Reyna has lived in his home for 25 years and in those years he says the roads have always been an issue. He is hoping that the council take an initiative to get the roads in District IV fixed.

"Some of the roads are bad, some of the potholes here and there. Instead of working on the main ones, they work on the ones on the side," Reyna said.

The City of Waco had its streets rated on a 1 to 10 scale, the average was a 4. Councilwoman Palmer says it's a trying task but one they're determined to change.

"I want our roads to be safely walk-able, drive-able, and bike-able and we have a lot of money to go before that's a reality," Councilwoman Palmer said.

In District V, incumbent Jim Holmes will continue his already 5 years of service on the Waco Council.

"There's so much happening in Waco right now and Waco is the place to be," Councilman Holmes said.

Homeowner in District V, Bonnie Dawson says they would like to see more police presence in the area.

"I think one thing is a little more police patrol, we very rarely see a police car in the area, and we have had a few cars broken into," Dawson said.

The Dawson's invested in a camera for their home as they have dealt with two car break-ins. To that, Councilman Holmes says

"You don't want a lot of crime out there so it's kind of a catch 22, but there's a conscious effort and a very intentional effort to have more police patrol," Councilman Holmes said.

Although they would like more police presence, Dawson praised the parks in District V.

"The park around the school has been very nice, they've done a nice job there," Dawson said.

Councilman Holmes said they are always trying to improve their parks, in Waco and the China Spring area of the district.

"We have funding for the acquisition of park land in this year's budget and we have budgeted dollars for the park itself in next year's budget," Councilman Holmes said.

Council members elected will serve two years on the City Council board.