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Waco businesses adapt to mask requirement after city ordinance takes effect

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-24 18:33:24-04

Just because you have to wear masks in public doesn’t mean you can't enjoy going to your favorite stores or restaurants.

“Our whole porch would be full of people out here walking their dogs and sitting out here eating, and you miss those things... you miss the neighbor that lives in the loft down the street that would always come by with their dog,” said Jake Black, owner of Jake's Texas Tea House.

Waco's requirement to wear masks in public went into effect for businesses Wednesday. While Jake's employees have already been wearing masks, it will be a little trickier for customers who come in for a sit down meal.

“You have to have a mask to come in, then you walk 10 feet to your table and then you take your mask off, and then you put your mask on before you walk out the door,” said Black.

The city ordinance came about after a huge spike in cases in McLennan County. Even with this new requirement, it's important to remember to continue to support small businesses that still need your help to stay afloat.

“We lost spring break. That’s our busiest time. Spring break is our busiest week. Magnolia has to shut down. The Silo people have to shut down, all the tourism. So it's not just us. It's affecting every single person who works for us,” said Black.

There are some exceptions to the new rule. If you are in your car or working out outdoors, you are not required to wear a mask. But if you choose to workout at a local gym, you will have to wear a mask inside during your workout.

“We try to keep the boat afloat. I told them the other day, I don’t know how big the boat is but we’re floating. But it will be... for everybody out there... it will be better when it's over because we have all learned a lot from this,” said Black.