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Unbound Global is working towards building a shelter for victims of human trafficking in Waco

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jan 20, 2022

Unbound, a nonprofit in Waco that fights sex trafficking, is currently raising money to fund their first shelter in Central Texas for trafficked youth.

Some things happen that are beyond our control. Sometimes we're not given a second chance at life, thankfully there are organizations like Unbound Global. The organization is dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking reclaim their life back.

Sophia Strother, a survivor and now author in the Waco area said, "Trafficking is not just a pimp on the corner, the stereotypical … media hype.”

Children are taken advantage of and have nowhere to turn.

Joseph Scaramucci, Detective with Waco's Sheriff's office says, "They’re having tons of placement issues and having somewhere that kids can be placed will not only keep them from sleeping in CPS offices but it’ll keep them from being out as current runaways where they’re at risk."

Trafficking can happen anywhere to anyone, but predators prey on the most vulnerable.

“[This] includes LGBTQ Plus: young boys and children of color," said Strother.

Sophia Strother was trafficked at the tender age of 13 by her mother, she's happy to know that there are now organizations like unbound global.

Strother said, “I think the most important thing for me … is the fact that I lived.”

Unbound global is currently expecting a new shelter to give victims the chance at life without having to be a transaction. This will be a first for Waco; a home that can house six girls and their caretakers. It will include three rooms, an office, a community room, and a newly designed backyard.

Strother added, “There are resources and people out there that care enough about you to where you don’t have to have sex for survival.”

Unbound Global is that support system for such victims, the organization's new shelter is expected to be complete in the summer of this year and they're trying to raise a little over $460,000 for furnishings, bedding, appliances, and trained staff to provide 24/7 care.