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The Moody Community Library hopes to have the community help fund their building

Posted at 12:07 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 13:07:45-04

MOODY, TX — A resource for everyone, the Moody Community Library, fills the needs others can't in their rural area.

“We are the only place in town that you can have copies made, that you can use a fax, that you can use our computers, we have a lot of people come in and pay their bills on our computers, they put in job applications, check their email” said Ellie Fowler, the Director and Treasurer of the Moody Library Board.

After the original building the library was housed in began to decay, the organizers acted quickly, finding a new home for their town treasure.

But with their small budget and funding, the new buildings mortgage has proven heavy.

“It’s just critical to us that we get the funds, pay off the building so we can put more money Into programming“ said Anne Grimmett, President of the library board.

“Right now we’re in the midst of a Capital Campaign, we just purchased this building a couple of years ago we owe about $70,000 on it and we would love to get that paid off...if we could raise about $30,000 more we could pay off this building“ said Fowler.

They hope their community can help gather funding to help pay off their building, over the next couple years, so they can give back to their community in an even bigger way, by way of programs.

"If we could raise about $30,000 more we could pay off this building...we could take it in any increment $5, $10, $1000, whatever! If someone wants to give us the whole 30 that’s great too but, we’d love to get it paid off because it would let us use the funds for the community rather than paying off the building“ said Fowler.

All sizes of donations are welcome, if you would like to help, its as simple as dropping the donation off at the Moody Public Library or at the Waco Foundation, in the name of the library's Capital Campaign.