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Texas natural gas production dropped amid cold front, experts raise concerns over power grid

Power grid
Posted at 6:40 PM, Jan 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-06 19:40:52-05

WACO, TX — Last week, Texas saw its first major cold front of the winter. According to S&P Global, the state's gas production dropped about 25 percent during the freeze.

Chrysta Castaneda, an attorney that specializes in energy said, it wasn't because the suppliers didn't have electricity. It froze up due to the weather itself.

"Some essential changes haven't been made," Castaneda said.

Much of it comes down to winterization. Looking back to February of 2020, the pipelines that transport natural gas to the power plants slowed down.

The companies experts said it can do one of a couple of things: pressurize the gas, eliminate any water from the lines, or add chemicals.

Ed Hirs, an energy fellow with the University of Houston said winterization should not be up for discussion.

"According to Senate Bill 3 they are supposed to be taking these steps to weatherize the grid," Hirs said.

After the winter blast, Governor Greg Abbott said he'd work to reinforce the grid. He said "the lights will stay on."

Critics say little has been changed. We reached out to Gov. Abbott asking what has been done. 25 News did not get a response.