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Texas law goes into effect forcing students to play on sports teams aligning with birth gender

Posted at 8:39 PM, Jan 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-18 21:39:39-05

WACO, TX — House Bill 25 is now law. This means students must compete in UIL competitions based on their biological sex. Many Texas groups have been in favor of this saying athletes born male participating in female sports, create disadvantages for women.

For many, sports are a distraction. Whether you're swinging a bat or throwing a ball — It's a time to step away from the problems you're facing. But for Tori Brumbaugh, that philosophy is going away from some.

"We all have to deal with repercussions of this," Brumbaugh said. "Just to see their willingness to come after children from a citizen of the State is upsetting and the person in the community, it's very depressing, it's very heartbreaking."

On Tuesday, advocates of the new law met to celebrate its passing. The panel said a transgender woman, born male than transitioned to female, has a clear advantage over female born and participating athletes because of the biology. One North Texas coach said this law overall protects female sports.

"Every school-aged girl athlete no longer has to fear getting replaced by a male athlete on the track, the pool or on the field," Jenna Evans said.

Brumbaugh said a disadvantage arises for children who have omitted their "born" puberty and have gone on hormone blockers.

"A couple of years ago there was a transmasculine kid up in Euless and he was forced to wrestle girls because their rule was even though he was taken testosterone, and he was female on his birth certificate, he demolished them," Brumbaugh said.

While one side says they're here to protect children, another group of people says this law is damaging.