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Students say racial profiling brought on by coronavirus concerns

Posted at 6:38 PM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 19:38:06-05

WACO, TX — Growing fear of coronavirus is creating a different issue- racial profiling.

Baylor University prides itself on the diversity of it's student body, but some students say coronavirus concerns are creating a different atmosphere on campus.

"We kind of see the hostility and micro-aggression, which is really disappointing," said Baylor student Jennifer Nguyen.

She says recently it's become uncomfortable for some students to go to class.

"They're going to classes, you know, they have a sense of worry, and this sense of concern of being isolated and being judged on by other students and peers," said Nguyen

They say they've noticed a change in attitude not just towards Chinese students, but anyone who fits the stereotype.

"Most people care about their health, but being racist like this is not the way to deal with this," said Baylor student Khoi Ly.

Dr. Xin Wang, Baylor University's Director of Asian Studies, says he's had students express concern.

Dr. Wang says right now, racism isn't much of an issue on campus, but he's reminding everyone that Asian students aren't a virus, they are humans.

"Certaintly in the middle of these outbreak that we see racism, xenophobia, sinophobia. I think we need to calm down a little bit, and we need to respect each other's culture, and we need to respect each other," said Dr. Wang,

Currently, Baylor does not have any confirmed cases of coronavirus.

If students feel like they're being discriminated against, Dr.Wang says to report it to the Title IX Office on campus.