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Some brides worried after the coronavirus creates wedding dress manufacturing delays

Posted at 6:00 AM, Mar 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-02 12:50:05-05

WACO, TX — Planning a wedding is stressful, and any detail out of place can cause some brides to panic. But even the most level-headed bride's heart races when they learn their wedding dress may not arrive on time.

The coronavirus is wrecking havoc internationally. The FDA has reported the first prescription medication shortage this week, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its largest single-day drop in the market's history on Thursday.

And now, the coronavirus is leaving many brides in limbo due to unexpected dress production delays.

As the lead manufacturer of much of the world's goods, China is seeing their production industry slow during the outbreak. China is the area responsible for most of the world's fabric production.

"Wuhan is the factory where the material is at, and then in another part of China is where they make the dresses, so that might be a little hold up, that might be a little hiccup," explained Ivy McCarn, Co-Owner of Pat's Gowns in Waco.

McCarn said that at the moment, warehouses are full of all types of dresses, though the production delays could affect specialty orders.

"Through the grapevines [a person in dress specialty orders] canceled all of his special orders and then notified the companies like us, and we'd have to notify the customer, we don't deal with him, but that's what I heard through the grapevine," McCarn explained.

Fabric mills, dress manufacturers, trucking and related air freight are all seeing halts in normal activity as COVID-19 cases have spread.

Waco-area bride-to-be, Maria Davila, explains the potential dress shortage would only make the stressful process of selecting the perfect dress, even more taxing.

"It was frustrating, it was like, I just wanted to yank my hair out," said Davila, describing her wedding dress search.

Thankful to have received her gown just days ago in the mail, Davila now worries about getting her bridesmaid dresses in time for her May 30 wedding date.

"I still haven't even picked my bridesmaid dresses, which is horrible, I just haven't had time," Davila said.

McCarn explains if push comes to shove, dress shops will take measures into their own hands.

"That's called made in the USA, you have a sewing machine over there, and you just go and just make the dresses," McCarn said.