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Shortages, inflation impacting Central Texas tire shops

Posted at 9:50 PM, Feb 16, 2022

WOODWAY, Texas — Prices are on the rise at tire shops across the country as supply chain issues continue to worsen. Tire shops in Central Texas are seeing the effects for themselves.

In Woodway, tire shop Tires To You is doing its best to manage a short supply. As a part of a larger chain, it hasn't has as much of an issue getting the products it needs to customers, even if it takes an extra day to deliver.

Tire technician Dkamyan Monroe explained that larger tires are typically the most difficult to track down. His shop, however, is doing the best it can at handling the national supply chain issues.

"It can be difficult, but as of now, we're making do," Monroe said.

Tires To You customer sales representative Nathan Yeager said prices have been fluctuating along with the store's stock for over a year now. Employees said the store's warehouse is about half as full as it used to be.

The shortages come as roadblocks for materials, like rubber, to grow as well.

"The issue with tires is most of the raw materials are not here in the U.S., but the manufacturing firms to make the tires are," said Pedro Reyes, supply chain management professor at Baylor University.

Reyes explained that the Canadian truck driver protest and tensions in Ukraine will likely also strain the American supply chain.

"We're going to see a ripple effect, or we're going to continue to see a ripple effect of shortages," Reyes said.

Luckily, customization options for tires make it easier for shops like Tires To You to find other options for customers, even if it isn't the exact tire they are looking for.

"We're not wet behind our ears about this, we can go off different sizes that work for your car," Monroe said.