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Salvation Army of Waco offers guaranteed way to donate to Ukraine

Posted at 11:17 AM, Mar 22, 2022

WACO, Texas — The Salvation Army of Waco has a direct connection to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The parents of a former Waco volunteer are currently serving in the war-torn country. They are working to help civilians who are under attack.

Ukrainian refugees are fleeing from their homes and taking only what they can carry, uncertain of what their future holds.

That's where the Salvation Army comes in.

"The Salvation Army's mission is to care for humanity," said Major Jim Taylor.

Taylor leads the Salvation Army in McLennan County. His team is working to send money to Ukraine, so the people suffering there can get crucial supplies like medicine and food.

Salvation Army Officer Cristina Drozdovschi volunteered a few years ago in Waco. Today, her parents are the organization's leaders in Ukraine.

"They are using their church buildings the Salvation Army's church building as a shelter," Taylor said.

The couple is serving pastries to those who are hunkered down in bomb shelters, like the 'donut girls' of WWI and WWII.

"That's where they live," Taylor said. "Their homes are being bombed their churches their Salvation Army units are under attack."

Those dedicated volunteers are serving hot meals in the bitter cold, armed only with their faith.

"We all have to kind of check ourselves and say, 'What would I do if a foreign entity came into the boundaries of Texas and fought Texas?" Taylor said.

"How would we respond? Would we flee to Oklahoma... or would we stay and care for our people?"

The Salvation Army is staying right inside the battle zone to follow their slogan: 'doing the most good.' The organization is not sending food or any other physical supplies overseas.

It is just too dangerous.

The best way you can help Ukrainians is to donate money through the Salvation Army's of Waco's Love Beyond Conflict fund by clicking here.