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Ramps between I-35, BUS 77 to close permanently Sunday

Posted at 3:17 PM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-13 08:20:55-04

WACO, TX — Two direct-access ramps between I-35 and Business 77 will be permanently closed starting Sunday.

The closures are set to happen at 10 p.m. on Sunday.

TxDOT said drivers that have used the elevated ramp No. 337B will need to take the previous exit, No. 337A, and move through the ground-level intersections in order to turn left. It'll cross under I-35 and then connect with BUS 77.

Drivers coming from BUS 77 that have used the elevated on-ramp to head south on I-35 will need to use the previous exit and use the ground-level intersection to turn south.

TXDOT doesn't expect the change to cause traffic backups.

"There will be some but there is not a significant amount of traffic on BUS 77, in this area already. With the access points that are already in place, traffic as opposed to taking the elevated direct connect, will take the ground level access and should flow relatively smoothly," TXDOT Spokesman Ken Roberts said.

The change would be in preparation to the reconstruction of I-35, which will increase the traffic capacity of the interstate by expanding it to four lanes on both directions.

"All of the overpasses, all of the entrance and exit ramps as well as the frontage roads are being to reconstructed. It's going to be an extensive project. It's going to be a good project because the ultimate goal is much more efficiency and much more safety," Robert said.

TxDOT said drivers should watch carefully for stop signs at all crossings. There are several crossings very close together in this interchange, and drivers should be prepared for unexpected movements by others unfamiliar with the area.

Additional work, including the demolition of the two ramps, will begin later in the week and will probably take two weeks to complete.

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