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Prayer rally for Cubans planned for Friday

Posted at 6:34 PM, Jul 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-15 19:34:47-04

WACO, TX — Mass demonstrations have sparked in Cuba. Thousands are taking to the streets against food shortages, high prices and communist rule. Those waves are being felt here in Central Texas.

A group of Wacoans with strong ties to Cuba are organizing a rally for Friday, July 16, 6:30 pm at the Freedom Fountain in Waco. Thursday July 15, the group came together to make signs in support. The groups told 25 News, this is their call to action.

“If we don't do something right now, they are going to kill millions," Ernesto De La Cruz, one of the organizers said.

De La Cruz fled Cuba more than 30 years ago and to see what is happening on the streets leaves him heartbroken.

“It's very sad they are living in this situation for 62 years," De La Cruz said.

For days, the communist role has blocked signals and phone calls to his mother. The United States positioned a satellite so Cubans can now make contact. Thursday, his mother called him and they finally spoke.

“I was super excited about it," De La Cruz said. "I was super happy. She said she's okay. She is happy to see what we were doing. We are supporting."

This unrest also hits close to home for Zuleyman Perez. His daughter is still living in Cuba. As the chaos continues, he said it leaves him holding his breath.

"Just imagine you see somebody taking your son or daughter and abuse, violence, killing, and you have nothing you can do," Perez said.

As time goes by, the group continues to work and plan.