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One Waco restaurant uses family flavors to bring people together

Posted at 7:00 AM, Feb 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-24 08:16:39-05

WACO, TX — One Waco restaurant aims to share the love they feel in their family with food, serving family flavors to anyone who walks in their doors.

The owners of Sascee's Southern Style Eatery, John Neal and Marcia Neal, said they were raised to understand that wealth comes from family and togetherness. They said they are using their food to bring the Waco community together.

Sascee's, pronounced "Sassys," began as a catering business eight years go. Three years into the catering business, the duo was inspired to open up Sascee's Southern Style Eatery.

"Only by the grace of god, we've kind of been just more feeling our way" said John Neal, explaining how the two got to the point of success they're at.

Both attribute much of their success in starting a thriving business to the strength and support of their family, explaining their love of food started with their loved ones.

"When I was raised, all of our good times, bad times were at the kitchen table, so we could talk about whatever we were going through, our accomplishments, our defeats, our obstacles, our challenges, and I'm from a big family, there's eight of us," said Marcia Neal.

Aside from their many visitors they get at the restaurant, they also reach out to those less fortunate.

"[We] fix them a meal and give them a strength of hope, you know, 'hey we've been down on our luck as well, you know, and if you just look up into the hills, god will sustain you' we try to drop that little nugget as much as we can," Marcia said.

Marcia said they receive thank you notes from visitors, and she keeps each card taped to the refrigerator in the kitchen. Each letter reminding the Neal's that their hospitality and affection is making the community better every day.

"A lot of people tell me that 'this food reminds me of my grandma, or this food reminds me of my mom' or something like that and I'm like 'oh I'm happy I'm able to give you that memory," Marcia said.

Quickly becoming a staple in the heart of downtown Waco, their little eatery has big heart.