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Oak Lodge Motel scheduled for demolition leaving some Wacoans on the street

Posted at 4:53 PM, Aug 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-25 17:53:08-04

WACO, Texas — Waco is changing. High rises and buildings are popping up left and right taking the space of buildings that have been here for decades.

This includes the Oak Lodge Motel in Downtown Waco. The problem, many people call this motel home and will have no where to go.

On the corner of Franklin and 11th Street, the motel has stood here for decades. To some, it's just a hotel or a stop for the night, but to others like Arliss Basey, it's home and a second chance.

A few weeks back, the motel was bought out and in a few days will be nothing but piles of bricks. A nine million dollar high rise full of upscale apartments will take the place. For some, this is a great addition to Waco, but Basey said this eviction is leaving him scared.

"This is my home right here, when they take this from me I'm going to have nothing," Basey said. "We are going to have nothing."

As more buildings are flipped into expensive housing, the options for Basey and his friends just get more limited. Paul Fields, a minister at Under the Bridge Church of Waco is helping out.

"We have members of our church in these hotels and motels," Fields said.

He's connecting them with resources trying to find their next place. He told 25 News room rates are high in Waco. Many almost 400 dollars more than what they are paying right now.

"The City of Waco has set up a program that will help them find housing or fees," Fields said.

As another day goes by, Basey is packing up his things unsure of what is next. He hopes he'll find another place to put his roots down.