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How bad is the COVID test? See for yourself:

Georgia deploys 3D printers, Guard units in testing scramble
Posted at 10:14 AM, Oct 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-09 10:13:22-04

WACO, TX — Willie Moore got an early coronavirus test, and called it so uncomfortable he didn't look forward to another.

"When a stick to tip up you know they leave it up there a few seconds. But they stick it too far. So I think you know if it's uncomfortable. They need to find another way." he said.

I wondered what he meant, So I went to the family health center to take the test. "Yep. There we go. This is going to be the 10-second test and this is what everybody complains about. Yes. You just got to relax breathe Try not to move. Just relax. 1234567 810." said Cindi Moon of the Family Health Center, who administered my two COVID Tests.

The more invasive test didn't seem too bad. but then, I have a history of sinus issues and have endured far worse. I also tried the newer, less invasive test.

"This is the five-second. One, two, 3,4,5 and that's it," said Moon as she swabbed only halfway up my sinus cavity. That wasn't bad at all. Testing centers have gone up at the Waco Convention Center, McLennan Community College, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and The Waco ISD Stadium.

You might call it ironic that corona testing would take place at a football stadium where entire communities gather to cheer their team to victory.

Well, consider this; experts say if Texans Don’t Pull together to fight COVID, we could lose entire communities. Listen to this: a recent report showed Texas had 800,000 cases of corona so far. that’s almost the population of Fort Worth.

COVID has killed more than 16,600 Texans. So by enduring a little discomfort, you can save lives.

"Most people tell me about they're okay with it, they're just scared, or afraid it's gonna go back too far but if they relaxed and do well, is fine, they put in there okay which most people do this pretty well. Yes, and how long would it take to get the results, we should get that two results here Family Health Center by the end of the day," she said.

Moore says it's good to know about the new test, now, he'll consider going back. "If you're swabbing inside and it's a better test, a lot of people will take it," he said.