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New solar power farm coming to McGregor

Posted at 6:14 AM, Jul 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 07:14:49-04

MCGREGOR, TX — With several solar farms gaining popularity in Central Texas, a new one is to be built in McGregor.

The Heart Of Texas Electric Co-op wanted to join in on the fun. The electric co-op partnered with other co-ops to have a solar panel built to provide electricity. Saturn Power, a Canadian company, is set to come and build the farm.

Solar is gaining popularity because it is economical, reliable and environmentally-friendly.

Brandon Young says that the Heart Of Texas Co-op members and customers have shown interest in having solar as part of its power portfolio.

"We're looking for power that's one economical, reliable, and you know in this case very environmentally-friendly. I think solar does fit within that criteria," Young said.

Saturn Power will construct and maintain the solar farm as part of the power purchase agreement, while the cooperative is providing the electricity.

The plant should have enough energy to provide for 150 homes, and the Heart of Texas Electric Co-op says there was a lot of interest that came from their customers to have a solar power farm.

"We've had many members over a period of time now that have shown an interest in having more solar within our power portfolio," Young says.

When complete, the farm will approximately be 8-acres. It is set to be finished by summer 2020.