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New partnership formed after nonprofit thrift store closes

Thrift store closing
Posted at 3:08 PM, Mar 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-20 20:20:18-04

WACO, TX — The Family Abuse Center closed its thrift store after having a deficit last year.

Domestic violence victims used to go to Second Chance on Sunset Drive to obtain free clothing items.

"Our board decided it was not sustainable anymore to keep the thrift store open," Family Abuse Center Executive Director Kathy Reid said.

The Family Abuse Center clients will now receive vouchers to shop at the voucher store at Caritas located in downtown Waco.

"When we started this process our fear was that our clients would lose out on services but thanks to the partnership we are having with Caritas, we are doing the same thing we did before," Reid said.

She said having access to free clothing is essential for their clients.

"Domestic violence victims often come here with just their purse and so they need everything from the beginning from underwear, socks and jeans, to clothes to go interview for a job, and if they get a job to dress professionally," Reid said.

According to Caritas Program Director for Client Services Tammy Stevens, clients will also be eligible to receive food and obtain other benefits by visiting their nonprofit organization.

"We have a case management program that assists people in going back to school, certification classes, employment, support services. We really want to link up with clients from Family Abuse to offer them those type of services," Stevens said.

Andrea Johnson, who is the voucher store attendant as part of a training program called Experience Work, is glad the nonprofit organization is partnering with the Family Abuse Center.

"It's great because I love to help people too and that's just a part of Caritas helping another organization," Johnson said.

The Family Abuse Center will accept donations but the nonprofit won't be accepting clothing. Those items can now be donated to the Treasures by Caritas at 3912 Bosque Blvd. Those who donate can specify if they want donations to go to voucher store.