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New bill forcing law enforcement to change tactics with narcotics searches

Posted at 10:53 PM, Aug 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-06 23:53:46-04

WACO, TX.  — In June, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill 1325, allowing the production of hemp. Since then, it's been a topic that has people asking questions about the legal status of THC in CBD products. People are also wondering how law enforcement is going to prove if a substance has the legal amount of THC.

K-9 Deputy Jeremy Bost with the McLennan County Sheriff's Department says county and district attorneys have reached out to law enforcement saying that the new bill does not decriminalize marijuana.

"It did not change my job, and if someone has legalized hemp and they can prove it, I won't take them to jail," said Boast.

Officials say they will not arrest someone if they can prove where they got their products from and how much THC is in them. However, if the person cannot prove this, officials are allowed to confiscate the products and send them in for lab analysis for the correct information.

Bost also says his K-9 will detect hemp the same as any other illegal substance because of the plant.

"Marijuana and hemp come from from the same sativa plant so the odors are going to be there. They have the same ingredients except it's a lower concentration of THC. So i have to explain to people who say they have nothing illegal why my dog acted to it," said Boast.

Law enforcement will continue with their narcotics search tactics but will respect proof regarding legal CBD products.

Bost suggests people to do their research before purchasing any products.