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Midway High School students participate in 'Hamlet' mock trial

Posted at 7:42 AM, Mar 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-01 10:55:05-05

HEWITT, TX — Midway High School found a unique way to engage seniors during their last semester of their high school career.

In that last semester, it can be difficult for teachers to get students engaged in the material due to senioritis. But English IV classes at Midway High School have not had that problem this year during their reading of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The classes have been participating in a mock trial of Hamlet during their classes.

"Just their involvement, they're been very intense and committed about this project. And just to see them, sometimes, people say you can't get seniors committed," said Vicki West, an English teacher at Midway High School.

The courtroom included the prosecution, defense, jury, bailiff, witnesses, and even student media covering the trial. The teachers served as judges in the mock trial.

"The main goal was to make sure that every person has something to do with a product to put out at the end. That's why we had the different roles of reporter, and attorneys, and even bailiff," said Shane Eidson, a Midway High School English teacher who served as a judge. "It's been above our expectations. They have really bought into it and really gone above and beyond. And it's been a really cool thing for them as well as us."

Teachers have been pleased with how the students have taken to the project and competed to win the trail.

"The verdict is we've found a way to get seniors involved and engaged during that second semester of their senior year," said West.

The English department at Midway plans to continue doing this project in the future year.