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McLennan County Sheriff's Office preparing for Jack Harwell takeover

Posted at 10:51 PM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-18 18:37:27-04

WACO, TX. — Starting October 1, the McLennan County Sheriff's Office will run the Jack Harwell Detention Center, which is currently operated by LaSalle Corrections.

For the last several weeks, MCSO has been preparing to take over by modifying some things at the detention center.

"Changing the color scheme just a little bit and making it more like Highway Six [Jail] was. We are working on staffing, training, equipment and the whole 9-yards," said Captain Mike Garrett.

About two months ago, LaSalle Corrections sent a letter to the McLennan County Sheriff's Office stating they did not want to renew their contract in October.

With that, the county decided to operate the facility themselves, and Captain Mike Garrett says they are more than ready with the experience they have running the jail on Highway 6.

"We have ran that jail for 25 years, and we are going to come in here and not change a thing. The design structure is different so we are going to modify ourselves as far as how we do things, but we are going to run it the way we did Highway 6 and make it as efficient as it can be," said Garrett.

The department is also painting the inside of the Jack Harwell Detention Center and expanding their programs for inmates.

"We are probably going to do a lot of programs like, for their GED, drug counseling, and maybe some work-related programs and expand mental health services."

Captain Garrett also said they are almost done with their hiring process. For open positions, click here.