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McLennan County officials offer the public an update on COVID-19 efforts

Posted at 2:58 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 15:58:27-04

WACO, TX — McLennan County officials gathered Wednesday afternoon to provide the public with an update on COVID-19.

During the update to the public, McLennan County officials let the public know that testing for Coronavirus has gone up and the positive cases and continued to decline at a steady rate.

Mayor of Waco, Kyle Deaver was accompanied by Judge Scott Felton and Doctor Jackson Griggs.

The advised that although Governor Abbott has reopened Texas, rules for social distancing in Waco and McLennan County were still in place to keep the public safe.

When asked when daycares could open, officials said that although daycares are allowed to stay open they have been operating in fewer numbers than normal.

Officials were asked how many people that tested positive in McLennan County were from contact tracing and responded with saying that 12 out of the 92 positive cases were determined to be from contact tracing.

While Governor Abbott is reopening Texas and advising everyone to avoid social interactions, McLennan officials are advising the public to stay home to prevent a spike in COVID-19 cases.

McLennan County officials announced they were ready to take limited steps to open back up, but that if done wrong could lead to more positive cases of COVID-19 if the public does not adhere to social distancing rules and proper personal equipment.

Below is a graphic used to help the public identify how the city plans to open in phases from McLennan County officials: