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Mayor of Marlin updates on broken water plant, encourages faith from residents

Mayor Carolyn Lofton
Posted at 1:02 PM, Feb 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 14:03:57-05

WACO, TX — As previously reported, the Marlin Water Plant remains down as of Feb 17. As crews continue to work on repairs and get water restored, Mayor Carolyn Lofton has another task on her hands... securing clean water.

"We reached out to TDEM and HEB Regional on Sunday and yesterday, for water, and NO ONE is moving supply trucks due to the weather." Mayor Lofton wrote in a press release, Wednesday morning.

Right now, local officials are recommending the following, "if you are able to safely do so, please turn off your water valve. Doing this may prevent your home or business's water lines from rupturing when water service is restored. It will also aid in replenishing our city's elevated water tanks."

However, once water is restored, residents of Thornton and Marlin will need to boil their water until they receive normal safety clearance from TCEQ.

As of Feb 17, emergency personnel has begun working on a demobilization plan. The likes of which, include an after-action review to discuss what happened and find what measures need to be initiated to prepare for future weather events.

Additionally, Mayor Lofton confirmed power was restored to the citizens of East and South Marlin on Feb 16; the likes of whom, have been without since Sunday.

"While this may be minimal progress to some, it was major progress for those who were suffering. The State of Texas is FROZEN. What is occurring to each of us is beyond ANYONE'S control." wrote Mayor Lofton in the press release.

"This was an act of God and we are powerless to His might. We can only do what we as humans know to do, but at the end of the day, God is in total control. Please continue to be patient as we get through this crisis together. Praying for each of you and praying God has mercy on us all. Stay safe. Stay warm." Mayor Lofton added.