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Local family of veterans receives hate mail because of Biden yard sign

Posted at 10:51 PM, Oct 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-06 00:58:00-04

ROBINSON, TX — A family of local veterans in Robinson filed a police report after receiving a letter they say was filled with profanity and hate speech because of a Joe Biden sign in their yard.

People across Central Texas are passionate about politics, especially when it comes to the presidential election.

Veteran Meagan Noranbrock said one conservative crossed the line.

“It was very hateful. I don’t know anybody that would ever do anything like that,” said Robinson resident Meagan Noranbrock.

On Monday, Noranbrock checked her mailbox and found a letter with profanity and offensive language all because of a sign supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden in her front yard.

“The letter said that they don’t know where we came from but we need to go back where we came from,” said Noranbrock.

Noranbrock said several others in her neighborhood also received the letter.

The letter stated the local police will laugh "in their faces" if they need service because this is a "conservative town."

“We get along with our neighbors. Our kids play together. Just that someone would go out of their way to write this, type this out, and use the post office to mail it. It doesn’t feel good,” said Noranbrock.

After she filed a police report Monday, the Robinson Police Department posted on their Facebook page that they are aware of the politically motivated hate mail several residents received and are working to get to the bottom of it.

Noranbrock said the letter is unsettling but she doesn’t believe it represents the community.

“I know and love and I am friends with so many conservative people and they did not have that hateful ideology that that letter did,” said Noranbrock.

Robinson Police are still investigating the incident, according to Noranbrock.

If you have any information about the letter, please contact the Robinson Police Department.