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Lack of federal funds affecting human trafficking survivors

Posted at 10:42 PM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-10 13:01:26-04

WACO, TX. — President Trump's administration is making changes to some federal funds that help human trafficking victims throughout the country.

A study by the National Survivor Network found that more than 90% of survivors of human trafficking had been arrested and unable to clear their record. This arrest record then affects their life even after they are free.

Susan Peters, National Director of Unbound, says providing support can drastically change the life of a victim.

"Most of our victims are forced to do criminal activities while being trafficked. So they are identified as a victim but they have criminal records, and those records impede their success," said Peters, "It keeps them from getting housing, jobs, education and it is very significant."

Peters says that not having those funds will make it harder. However clearing victims records is still possible.

"I hope that our attorneys will get behind us and help do that anyway because we can still do it, but it is just a longer process and we need them to help us," said Peters.

Unbound in headquartered is Waco and has several national and international offices. Since 2012, their mission has been to put a stop to human trafficking and help as many victims as possible.