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GoFundMe started for 10-year-old girl once declared brain dead, now showing signs of life

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jul 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-12 19:35:51-04

A McLennan County girl once declared brain dead has now shown signs of life.

The family has asked for prayers and assistance with medical expenses. "We're still here. We've been here a month and you know my daughter's fighting for her life," said Ismael Campos Jr., father of Taylor Campos.

It began with headaches and vomiting. "I rushed her [Taylor] to the ER. They did a CT scan and they transferred us to McLane Children's here in Temple. When we got here, they did an MRI and they said she had fluid in her brain. And so, I signed for the procedure to get it done the next day," said Ismael.

However, the 10 year-old did not make it to that procedure. "She had a reaction to some medication or something," said Ismael. "And so we're here. We're still here. We've been here. They said she was brain dead. And the first two weeks, she wasn't moving at all. She wasn't moving her body, her limbs and you know. But we put it in God's hands."

Taylor's father shared she has recently shown signs of life. "The last two weeks, she's been moving her legs. She moves her toes. She moves her head her back," said Ismael.

The single father of three said now not only is the family in need of prayers, they have also started a GoFundMe to pay for medical costs. "For expenses. We live in Waco you know. I still pay my bills. I got two other kids that I have to feed and support you know. Any help is any help. Prayer, I'll take any prayer from anybody, anywhere," said Ismael.

Although the family continues to patiently wait for Taylor to wake up, he said they still have hope. "God is working a miracle before my eyes and we thank to God she's moving her limbs, she moves," said Ismael.

Taylor's dad has had to call out of work and has been by her side ever since.

To reach out and help this family, you can find more information on their GoFundMe Page.