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First responders report several minor accidents across Central Texas as road conditions worsen

West accident
Posted at 11:05 PM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 00:05:11-05

Central Texas first responders assisted with multiple minor crashes and accidents throughout the day on Thursday as freezing temperatures worsen road conditions.

Temple, Waco, Killeen, West, and Lacy Lakeview, among others, have responded to a number of stalled or off-road vehicles, as well as multiple jackknifed 18-wheelers.

"Thankfully, not nearly the number we received last year," said Jennifer Henager, fire and emergency management specialist for the city of Temple.

Henager explained that as the day went on, certain spots became increasingly dangerous.

"Bridges, overpasses--they're terrible. If you can avoid a bridge or an overpass, find another way," she said.

City of West police chief, Darryl Barton, said overpasses on I-35 proved to be a danger as two 18-wheelers jackknifed over Oak Street this morning. West police and fire crews assisted state troopers to control traffic.

Even those accidents and police presence didn't encourage all drivers on the highway to be cautious.

"We were clocking people at 65 miles per hour on the overpass, passing us. And these are big truck tractors," Barton said. "We're trying to deal with a crash, with icy roads, and there's no sense in that."

As Central Texas heads into the second day of freezing temperatures on Friday, agencies continue to urge drivers to use common sense on the road.

"We are grateful that those people that are going to be out are taking into precaution the elements that we're dealing with," Cierra Shipley, public information officer with Waco police said.

Barton cautioned drivers against black ice as roads thaw and refreeze overnight.

"Just because you think it's not frozen or icy, doesn't mean that it's not, and that could be even more dangerous," he said.