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Dewey Community Center provides tips for parents on being their child's teacher

Talking to your kids about their back-to-school concerns for remote learning
Posted at 4:30 PM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 17:30:47-05

WACO, TX — Students, parents and teachers have entered their 5th month of remote learning.

This task has been a big learning curve for everyone involved and even a few months in, things can still be challenging on the parent.

Parents are already busy enough. When you add in being a teacher, things can be overwhelming.

The Dewey Community Center in Waco is hoping to ease the stress on the child and parent by offering a free parent-as-teachers workshop.

The Center Supervisor Aericka Ridge said these months are very important leading up to spring and summer break.

"It's very vital, I think a lot of kids need it and parents struggle with finding the help that they need during this time," Ridge said.

With STAAR testing around the corner, Ridge knows the stress of this time as a parent herself. Luckily, her kids are not in school anymore and so she's helping those who may need it.

"I can't imagine, I know it's hard I know it can be stressful for the parent and the child so I just think any little help that a parent can get is awesome," Ridge said.

Parents asking for help can be a hard thing to do too. Killeen ISD 5th Grade teacher Carla Fears says if the parent doesn't understand, neither will the child.

"Especially if they're gone or outside the home and when they come...in if their student didn't understand something and they're not understanding it they definitely need to reach out," Fears said.

Along with teaching in person and remotely, she has two kids learning remotely in high school and sees the struggles from all angles.

This is why she works tirelessly to provide the best information to her students online and in the classroom.

"I'm here late hours, after hours when I get home, we take work home and I know a lot of us work on the weekends," Fears said.

If you're a parent and still find yourself struggling to keep up with online school, you can also call the Dewey Community Center for quick tips at (254) 750-8677 or email aerickar@wacotx.gov to sign up for the virtual workshop, date to be determined.

You can find information on the Parks and Recreation website as all community centers provide tutoring for students and parents.