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COVID-19: Sen. Cruz responds to his controversial 'Um, get a job' tweet

Sen. Ted Cruz
Posted at 4:57 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 18:33:23-04

WACO, Texas — Sen. Ted Cruz toured Texas State Technical College in Waco on Wednesday and took a look at the expanded programs like welding and aviation.

Cruz said this will better prepare young adults for entering the workforce. This comes just after federal unemployment ended and Gov. Greg Abbott opted out months ago.

The Senator said Texans need to get back to work, sparking some controversy.

The pushback comes from a controversial tweet on Monday that said Americans need to get a job and get back to work. While touring TSTC, 25 News asked Cruz if he regretted his tweet and if getting a job is all that simple.

Thousands of jobs vanished amid the COVID-19 pandemic leaving Americans and Texans struggling to make ends meet. As businesses open back up some are coming back, but not all of them.

"I have to say I was amused a lot of folks on the left were triggered," Cruz said. "That is really damn good advice and if their answer is don't get a job and stay home and get a government check, you are selling deception to people."

More pushback comes from people who say it is difficult to get a job right now - due to how the market is still recovering. Cruz agreed, that the American labor force is recovering, but he said there is no excuse at this point.

"There are times where there are no jobs available, but that's not the case right now," Cruz said. "You can't find a business that is not hiring right now."

When asked about the additional 300 dollars people could be receiving, he said it comes down to personal responsibility.

"Let me give you a government check, don't bother working, don't go to your job, stay home, let me destroy your sense of responsibility," Cruz said. "Let me destroy your sense of self-respect. That would be utterly damaging."