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China Spring girl masters her art of baking after being stuck at home during quarantine

Posted at 6:36 AM, Jun 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-26 08:35:49-04

CHINA SPRING, TX — The smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies is just what we need while dealing with uncertain times and Brandee King is working toward mastering the art of baking.

Since being stuck at home, and even school canceling due to a pandemic Brandee was bored sitting at home all day so she thought why not try something she's always enjoyed doing.

"I'll just ask my mom hey can I make cookies cause I'm like really bored," Brandee said.

Every day after her mom, Christina King has come home to that delicious smell and a warm chocolate chip cookie.

King is actually taking this moment to teach her daughter fractions, in baking, there is a lot of measuring and being out of school this has been a perfect teachable moment.

"It's actually helping a lot with her math," King said.

As Brandee measures out the flour, she asks her mom how many 1/4th's make a cup but she quickly remembers the answer thanks to her newfound hobby.

"I'm not the best at math and since there's a fourth and a half I just ask them questions because sometimes I don't know," Brandee said.

Quarantine and making cookies Brandee has turned her cookie baking into a cookie business.

Selling them by the dozens once her mom posted on Facebook, $10 for 2 dozen.

"I thought like no one would answer," Brandee said.

What Brandee didn't realize is that during tough times we're all looking for a home-baked treat to put a smile on our face.

King is happy to see Brandee find something that makes her happy and hopes her passion continues through generations.

"It's something I did with my mom, and she's doing it with me and I imagine one day she'll do it with her daughter," King said.

Of course, baking with her mom is fun, but Brandee's favorite part is everyone's guilty pleasure.

"I only do this when I don't make them for people but I eat the cookie dough," Brandee said.

As she continues to bake the days away, Brandee hopes to own her own baking show in the future.

Right now Brandee is selling the chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar cookies.

They are $10 for 2 dozen and that includes the delivery fee as long as you live in the China Spring area.

You can place orders for the cookies on her Facebook page,Brandee's Bakery.