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Children removed from home after testing positive for meth, heroin and morphine

Posted at 4:23 PM, Nov 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-19 06:50:31-05

WEST, TX — A West couple is in the McLennan County Jail after their children tested positive for meth, heroin and morphine in early November.

In October, a woman went to pick up the two children and the suspects, Paul Thompson and Khelsey Leslie. She said when she arrived at the home, one of the boys was playing in the street. The other child appeared with Leslie at the door.

The suspects asked the woman to drop them off in an apartment in Hewitt. The woman obliged and brought the children to her home in Groesbeck. She immediately gave the children a bath and found dried up feces in their diapers.

She told police it was very hard to get the feces off the children because it had dried up. While she was cleaning up the children, the suspects were demanding that she picks them up and brings them back to West. She refused and brought the children to the West Police Department.

An investigator was assigned to the case, and the suspects were told to come to the police station. The suspects admitted to using drugs and said they wanted to go to rehab.

The investigator said she would need to be brought to the home where the children lived.

The investigator said the home was in the worst condition she had ever seen. Maggots and roaches were in the fridge, and the floor of the home was covered in urine and feces. The investigator also said syringes and pipes were littered in the bedroom the suspects slept in.

The investigator immediately removed the children, and they were screened for drugs. They tested positive for meth, morphine and heroin.

Thompson is being held on a $23,000 bond for endangering a child and injury to a child. Leslie is facing the same charges with the addition of theft. She is being held on a $24,000 bond.