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Central Texas animal shelters filling up

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-16 18:57:59-04

Animal shelters all over Central Texas are overcrowded and reaching their limit.

At The Humane Society of Central Texas in Waco, kennels are almost at capacity with over 100 dogs and cats ready to find their forever home.

The Humane Society of Central Texas Texas in Waco is just one of many animal shelters filling up fast.

”Right now we are really full. Last night when I check, we were at 137 dogs. So, we are pretty close to max capacity,” said Jenny Luper, director of life saving operations.

Animal shelters filling up is a trend this time of year but the weather has made things even worse.

”The numbers go up because people go on vacation and either leave the dogs or something, but the best thing that we can think of right now is the storms. Between the storms and the fireworks, a couple weeks ago, we are amped up pretty hard,” said Luper.

When Kelly Muncy heard that shelters were full. . .she knew it was the perfect time to find a right dog for her dad and found the perfect companion right here in Waco.

”I was looking and then we saw her and I was like well they need help. You know, why not adopt? It's much better that buying,” said Kelly Muncy.

Kelly knew it was time, and her dad was able to make a new friend.

”Oh I think he has already fallen in love. I think it’s a match made at the shelter,” said Muncy.

While most people come in looking to adopt a dog, they’re not the only ones in need of a new family.

They also have several cats ready for someone to give them a new home.

“People don’t normally tend to pick up a cat when they see it out. They’ll pick up a dog but not a cat. We do have a couple of cats here though that are available and a bunch in foster care that are about to become available.” said Luper.

The adoption center in Waco is waving adoption fees for Saturday to help these animals find a forever home.