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Central Texans plan summer travel despite inflation

Posted at 6:06 PM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-24 12:27:29-04

WACO, Texas — For the last two summers, most people were stuck at home as cases of COVID-19 spread rapidly worldwide. With those cases now down and restrictions lifted in most countries, Central Texans are ready to hit the road and the sky again.

Bambi Eskew is the President and General Manager at Allen Samuels House of Travel in Waco. She said people began booking their summer travels back in January.

"It's been getting busier and busier," she said. "The thing we're finding now with summer travel is things are starting to fill up. People are going so there's more demand, there's not as many flights in the air now as there used to be. The supply and demand factor is causing somethings to be a little bit high in some cases."

With gas prices averaging more than $4 in all 50 states and plane tickets up 25 percent from last year, the overall cost of travel has gone up. Despite this, Eskew said it has not slowed down her clients at all.

"The majority of our people are looking for those all-inclusive deals that has all their deals, their meals, their taxes so they know what to expect and have a package done," Eskew said.

Economist Ray Perryman told 25 News after two summers of the pandemic people are just ready to vacation again, whatever the price.

"Normally when people expect a change to be somewhat temporary, they don't alter their whole consumption behavior because of that," he said. "More than likely that's what we'll see some of as well, just people deciding to go through this time, take the summer travel and hope prices come down in the fall or end of the year."

To stay ahead of the rising costs, travelers are encouraged to book trips as far in advance as possible. Eskew said she's already working on trips for next summer.