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Lorena Police are searching for car burglars who got away with a handgun

Posted at 7:20 PM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 20:57:45-05

LORENA, TX — The Lorena Police Department is trying to track down suspects who allegedly went around Lorena breaking into cars and even got away with a handgun.

"These are supposed to be really safe communities... and we don't want our kids growing up in fear knowing there's people walking around their houses at night," said Paul Kocel, whose car was almost broken in to.

Thankfully his car was locked, but Kocel was able to capture the burglars on camera.

Those burglars hit not one, but multiple cars on both sides of Evelyn Drive and at least eight houses all the way down Losak Road.

"Even though they didn't come into your home, it's always that thought of what's next? If they don't find what they want in your car, what are they willing to do next?" said Lindsay Montemayor, who had a handgun stolen out of her car.

Neighbors believe it's an organized crime.

Many houses were equipped with motion sensor video cameras, which has helped piece the crime together. In the video, you see a driver dropping off at least two people. The suspects then go car to car to see which doors are unlocked.

"I thought that as long as the vehicles were locked they weren't going in them. But this time they're breaking in to vehicles and taking things, things like tools. They're taking things that are hand carry," said Kocel.

The Lorena Police Department says they're still searching the people responsible. If you have any information, contact the department at 254-857-4641.

Authorities say you should always lock your car at night and never leave valuables inside.