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Catalytic converter theft ring busted around Waco area

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Posted at 10:54 AM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 11:54:48-04

WACO, TX — A joint investigation has taken place in and around the Waco area in reference to the theft of a large number of catalytic converters. During late spring, the Waco PD NSS-Theft Unit started seeing several similar cases where catalytic converters had been stolen from a local business.

As investigators continued working the cases, they began to notice that it was more than just Waco that was being affected, it was surrounding agencies as well.

The Waco theft unit ended up working with Woodway PSD and McLennan County Sheriff’s Office as well to identify all of the people involved, and what they learned is that they were all dealing with the same people.

Throughout the investigation, between 100 to 150 catalytic converters were stolen off of vehicles from numerous businesses around the community. After these criminals would steal the catalytic converters, they would use a stolen ID card and cash them in for money.

The following individuals have now been arrested as a result of the investigation and charged with crimes including Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, Theft, and Fraudulent Use and Possession of Identifying Information.

  • David Guyton- 38 years old- Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity and Theft
  • Joseph Saulters- 41 years old- Fraudulent Use of ID Information and Engaging
  • Justine Salva- 35 years old- Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
  • Tamara Robinson- 41 years old- Theft

The theft charges ranged from State Jail Felonies to 3rd-degree felonies and have allowed investigators from all 3 agencies to clear a large number of theft cases that have plagued Waco since the Spring of this year when they all started.

To help put this into perspective, the overall combined amount in damages to have them replaced is approximately $200,000.