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Caritas of Waco preparing for all possible situations as COVID-19 spreads

Posted at 10:47 PM, Mar 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-10 23:47:08-04

WACO, TX — For over 50 years, Caritas of Waco has provided meals for thousands of people in need. With the number of coronavirus cases peaking, the company is concerned about some of the measures they may have to take.

On average, 125 families go to Caritas for food.

"People are going through our food pantry, and if we begin to have conditions of illness, we will need to re-position that service," said Buddy Edwards, Executive Director.

Meaning, they have to find other ways to pass out food quicker and safer.

"Perhaps it's by pre-packaging food and maybe handing it out," Edwards said.

Another possibility for the company is allowing certain employees to work form home.

"Much of what we do in those areas can be done through telephone, so our staff members engaged in those services could continue to provide those services from home," said Edwards.

Another major factor- supplies. Caritas relies on 80% to 90% of food from the Austin Food Bank to help meet the needs of Central Texas.

"I hate to say wait until we don't get a truck to say we do not have some food. If they food was not here, these people would have no food to eat," said Charles Jones.

Jones says he hopes it does not get to that extreme.

Edwards says they will consider all options to make sure they protect their employees and provide the best services for the community.