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Blue Duck Scooters begin a soft launch in downtown Waco

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jul 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-17 19:25:37-04

WACO, TX — Wacoans can now ride around town in style.

Approximately 50 Blue Duck Scooters were made available today as a part of the soft launch to introduce them to the Waco community.

Over the past few years, Waco has grown tremendously thanks to tourism, Baylor University and incoming industries.

In March, Blue Duck Scooters and the City of Waco began looking into implementing additional means of transportation for visitors and locals.

”Especially during COVID, as you see people kind of shy away from mass public transit and ride sharing, they don’t want to be in those types of environments, so being on a scooter or a bike that has been appropriately sanitized is definitely a healthier and safer way to move around,”said Megan McNamara,Blue Duck Scooters Senior Director of Government Partnerships.

The number one thing on everyone’s mind lately is safety.

Blue Duck Scooters has a team on the ground here in Waco whose job is to keep up with maintenance, monitor improperly parked scooters, and sanitize and disinfect the scooters daily.

”There is a minimum of two times a day that they are sanitizing and we are using CDC recommended solutions. Our team in the field is also wearing gloves, masks, goggles. So they are taking extra precautions to make sure all the scooters are safe and clean,”said Megan McNamara.

In some downtown areas, scooters can be an eye sore if they are not properly put away.

Blue Duck Scooters says that in addition to having a team looking for improperly placed scooters, by having individuals rent through their app, they are able to make sure each scooter is accounted for.

”You cant actually end your ride if you’re in a prohibited area. So that majorly encourages riders to return the scooter to the appropriate parking area, and then the scooter itself, there is a customer service number there. You can also report within the app,”said Megan McNamara.

If you would like to use a scooter, you first will have to download the Blue Duck Scooter's app and create an account.

On the app, it will have the locations of the nearest scooters and also a map with all the riding zones and prohibited areas.

More scooters could come soon.

Megan told 25 News that, starting today and lasting for one week only, individuals can ride for 50% off.