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'Be proactive': Central Texans turn to local hardware stores to prepare for winter weather

Snow and ice melt
Posted at 10:23 PM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 08:08:34-05

As winter weather once again makes its way to Central Texas, people are turning to hardware stores to get supplies needed to prepare.

At Circle Hardware Supply on LaSalle Avenue in Waco, Redd Donaldson said the store has seen big waves of customers as winter weather approaches on Wednesday night.

"We see people coming in, bundled up, got their coveralls on. They're preparing for 'Snowvid 2022'. That kinda set the pace for the sales we're having today," Donalson said.

The store ordered extra gloves, heaters, and ice melt in preparation for the increase in demand. While such surges are good for business, Donaldson said Circle Hardware just wants its customers to be safe.

"Be proactive as opposed to reactive, or you'll be back in the store," he said. "So if you get your pipes wrapped, get everything dripped, you won't have to come with busted PVC fixtures the next day."

He urged people to insulate their pipes, drip their faucets, and salt their sidewalks with ice melt before freezing rain or sleet hits.

As people get their homes ready, Oncor urges people to have a home emergency kit ready to go.

"That's things like blankets and water, flashlights, batteries, and some way to back up the power for your cell phone," said Andy Morgan, spokesperson for Oncor.

Oncor said it is fully prepared to deal with any outages that may occur during winter weather this week. Most of which, Morgan said, occur when ice builds up on tree limbs and falls on power lines.