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Baylor video shocks viewers with chilling depiction of real-life active shooter situation

Posted: 12:30 PM, Sep 06, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-06 13:40:29-04

WACO, TX — Baylor University's latest active shooter training video has caused a stir on social media because of its intensity.

The video depicts a real-life shooting situation on Baylor's campus. The video illustrates proper safety procedures for students to follow in an active shooter situation.

There is a warning in the beginning of the video of it's graphic content. To view the video, click here

The video starts with a gunman sitting in his vehicle, loading a rifle. These shots are cut in with video of students having an ordinary day on campus.

The gunman walks through campus with a gun and starts shooting at people randomly. Through the chaos, proper safety procedures are emphasized by the students running for their lives.

The video ends with President Linda Livingstone explaining how important it is for everyone to know their role in an active shooter situation.

“We understand the subject matter of the video is sensitive,” Mark Childers, the university’s vice president of public safety and security, said. “Our goal is to ensure that students, faculty and staff are educated, prepared and confident in their response should a violent attack occur here or any place they find themselves.”

The video was also posted to the Baylor reddit thread. Commenters online have mixed reactions to the video.

One commenter said, "Great teaching tool I suppose, but I am also really unnerved by the dramatized cinematic action. I know it’s supposed to feel “real” and get you thinking, though."