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Baylor University prepares 16 tents to aid in social distancing on campus

Posted at 2:02 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 15:02:43-04

WACO, TX — Baylor University will be using 16 new premium portable structures across campus, complete with A/C & flooring, to help alleviate social distancing concerns in some high-traffic areas.

Baylor announced they have partnered with Peerless Events & Tents, an industry-leading event and tent production company, to install 16 premium, fully equipped portable structures in eight strategic locations across campus, complete with linoleum flooring and HVAC to add a total of 43,640 square feet of usable space for students.

Ranging in size from 30 feet by 40 feet up to 60 feet by 115 feet, the tent structures will allow us some flexibility in a number of potential congestion points across campus, alleviating some of the social distancing concerns in these high-traffic areas.

The tent locations include:

  • Fountain Mall – six tents offering seating for a total of 444 students;
  • Penland Dining Hall – one tent that will accommodate up to 204 students;
  • Brooks Dining Hall – one tent that will accommodate up to 88 students;
  • Memorial Dining Hall – two tents that will accommodate a total of 168 students;
  • East Village Dining Hall – one tent that will accommodate up to 144 students;
  • McCrary Music Hall – one open-air tent for vocal and instrumental practice space;
  • Baylor Law School – one tent that will accommodate up to 56 students and another tent that will be used as mock courtroom spaces; and
  • Beauchamp Athletics Nutrition Center (BANC) – two tents that will accommodate a total of 72 student-athletes.

The University says each tent location serves a unique purpose in helping them provide a successful and safe fall semester, with the Fountain Mall tents primarily dedicated to students and allowing ample space for studying and other academic pursuits.

The dining hall and BANC locations provide overflow dining opportunities, with dedicated cleaning crews assigned to each tent to ensure a clean and safe environment. These will be the only tents that allow food or drink inside.

The School of Music’s open-air tent will allow vocal students the opportunity to safely practice in small groups, while the Law School will transform its tents into outdoor mock courtroom space.

Students, faculty and student organizations will have the ability to reserve limited tent space by submitting an online form through Baylor’s Institutional Events.

Yesterday, Baylor outlined the cleaning and sanitization measures that we are implementing on our campus

"As we previously discussed, your COVID-19 test kits will begin arriving over the next two weeks to your home or designated address. As a reminder, it is imperative that you take the test as soon as you receive it and return the sample back the same day it arrives, after verifying the UPS drop point is open before testing," said President Livingstone.