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Baylor to require masks on campus through the end of the semester

Statewide mask mandate ends March 10
Baylor University
Posted at 8:51 PM, Mar 09, 2021

WACO, TX — Baylor University will continue to require masks on campus through the end of the semester.

In an email, the university's Health Management Team reminded students, faculty and staff that no changes will be made to the COVID-19 precautionary protocols.

"We all are longing for a return to normalcy, but we cannot let our guard down now. We continue to see increases in vaccination availability, which combined with proven health safeguards – wearing a facemask, watching your distance and washing your hands – will help us stop the spread of the virus on our campus and in our local community," the email said in part.

The university announced on March 4 that it will continue to require masks through the end of the semester.

Students at Baylor University don't seem to be upset by the universities decision. Sophomore, Cameron Billingsley said although masks aren't fun to wear she understands it's for the best.

"I mean if you're in class all day it does get a little annoying but it's definitely better than being stuck at home," Billingsley said.

She's from Pennsylvania and has had family contract the virus so she understands the importance of wearing a mask.

"Knowing that people that have had it makes it hit home and yeah, I just want to keep everyone safe if I can," Billingsley said.

Senior, Jacob Blakey contracted the virus last year, even though he followed all health protocols.

"I got it from someone who’s girlfriend ended up having it and we were just at a coffee shop. We were following all the protocols but we still received it," Blakey said.

Seeing how quickly the virus can spread wearing a mask for the rest of the semester doesn't bother him.

"The person that I had seen the next day was with their grandparent the next day, it's just always the ripple effects of all the connections we have so just being cautious with that," Blakey said.

Along with their mask protocols Baylor will continue to require weekly Covid-19 tests.

Governor Greg Abbott's statewide mandate will expire on March 10. Businesses and other entities can still limit capacity or implement additional safety protocols at their own discretion.