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25 News Exclusive: Daughter of Waco cold case victim speaks

Waco police arrest suspect in 30-year-old cold case.
Posted at 1:40 PM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 14:54:59-04

WACO, Texas  — The call she waited for 30 years to receive; the cold case of her mother, Rita Davis, was solved. Lacrecia Franklin recalls the night she was told her mother would not return home at just nine years old.

“I tell everybody the world stopped,” said Franklin.

DNA was obtained at the scene in 1991 where Rita Davis was found dead, but no arrest was made. In 2006, a detective retested the samples leading their family on a continued journey to find justice. The Waco Police Department released a statement sharing details about the case.

"[DNA] technology at the time did not really allow evidence to be tested in the way we could do it today," said Public Information Officer Cierra Shipley.

Never giving up on what she knew was true in her heart, Lacrecia Franklin knew one day her family would get justice.

"I told my mama, I’m going to fight for you until the breath is out of me,” said Franklin.

The Waco Police Department will continue to make it their mission to solve more cold cases in our community just like this one.