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Bryan Police Chief takes question on Assistant Chief's assault arrest

Posted at 6:31 PM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 23:47:19-05

BRYAN, TX — Bryan Police Chief Buske made his first statements about the arrest of Assistant Chief Wayland Rawls today.

Wayland Rawls was arrested for assaulting a man at a charity event.

The Assistant Chief received his TCOLE certification in 1995, and joined Bryan Police as a patrolman in 1996.

He marked 24 years with Bryan this year.

According to records, Rawls rose through the ranks, and eventually became Assistant Chief in charge of operations.

He has certifications in civilian interaction and law.

Wayland Rawls was arrested after a February 8th fight at a fundraiser at the Astin Mansion for Allen Academy.

In a Texas Rangers report, witnesses describe a beat-down that left William Trey Vance with a broken finger, black eye and various abrasions and bruises.

Rawls says he reacted when Vance pushed his hand into the officer's face.

In questions after his prepared statement, Chief Buske admitted his officers are trained to avoid conflict.

"Its taught from the start of the academy all the way through their career. Also in in-service," Buske said.

This isn't Rawls' first run-in with trouble. According to reports, the office was in a 1991 incident before joining the department, something that didn't keep him from becoming a police officer.

”He does not have a conviction for assault because its been adjudicated out,” said Buske.

"If people are suspicious it's only because they haven't been given enough information to make an intelligent decision," said Pastor Joe Walker of Bryan.

They trust, both the rangers and a Bryan internal investigation, will take corrective action.

"I believe in my police department, and I believe that what they will do will be the best outcome for the community," said Ann Boney, President of the Bryan NAACP.

In looking over Rawls' TCOLE Record, 25 News could find nothing beyond basic community relations courses.

There were no crisis intervention or other advanced training that might have helped defuse the situation that got him in trouble.