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Teens with YouthWorks giving Waco a helping hand

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-08 18:27:00-04

You’ve probably seen graffiti on several buildings in Downtown Waco.

“Quite a bit of graffiti Downtown for a while. We don’t currently have an ordinance, we’re working on an ordinance to address the graffiti,” said City of Waco Code Compliance Manager Chris Randazzo.

And despite volunteer efforts to help out, the problem continues to plague the city.

“This was one of the first places that we visited. We did cover these concrete blocks you see behind us. On the fourth of July weekend it was vandalized once again,” said Randazzo.

However, these YouthWorks volunteers with Shepard’s Heart are dedicated to coming back as many times as it takes, with paint rollers in hand, to clean up the mess.

“This is our missions trip. We’re really excited to be able to come and serve the community,” said Youthworks Volunteers Isabel Knoll.

Throughout the summer, The YouthWorks program brings in dozens of teens … like This group from Church at The Crossing in Indianapolis to do projects to uplift our community.

“One of the groups canoeing the other day and picking up trash. Then we did mobile food distribution and recently loaded fans for food and stuff,” said Knoll.

“We go to various cities. It’s just one the way they learn about different areas and different ways to serve and give back to the communities we’re at,” said YouthWorks Group Leader Alecia Brantingham.

Even though Waco isn’t their home, the young helpers are determined to leave the city better than the way they found it.

“I know we’ve come here to serve you guys but you guys have also been teaching us things. Something I think we’ve all learned is, that it doesn’t matter how big the to-do task is or how small. You can make a difference in any little way,” said Youthworks Volunteers Alie Lewis.

The owner of the business that occupies the building is very thankful for all the young helpers' hard work.

He hopes their efforts inspire others to help out around the city.