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Smithsonian exhibit showcasing Latino's impact on baseball debuts in Temple

Posted at 12:22 PM, Jul 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-20 13:22:50-04

Baseball is as American as apple pie — and from MLB to Little League, our country’s impact on the sport has lasted for generations.

How much do you know about the Latino community's influence on the ball game?

From using hand-made gloves and bats in the barrio to Latin Leagues and legendary baseball figures, the new Smithsonian exhibit at the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum has it all.

“Baseball with an integrated to the 1940s," said Kiara Nowlan, city of Temple spokesperson. "A lot of history that is being featured in this exhibition takes outside of Major league baseball. We hear so much about major league baseball, but these are the stores that can contribute to the overall history of baseball."

The “Pleibol in the Barrios in Big leagues” is a bilingual traveling Smithsonian exhibit. Temple is one of the 15 cities that will feature the display through 2025.

“Baseball means a lot not only is an American sport, but it’s been adopted by Latinos and they brought great players to the fields,” said Maria Cossu, director, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service .

You will learn about how Latinos were forced out of their homes to build Dodger Stadium. Former minor league Hispanic baseball teams and how baseball helped Latinos succeed and thrive in America. The exhibit also features arts and crafts for kids.

“Hopefully, people come in and learn something new and be inspired. Kids I hope will learn that they can go for their dreams,” said Angela McCleaf, curator, Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum Curator.

The exhibit is open until Oct. 8, and until Labor Day, you can get it for free if you are active in the military or a family member.