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Neighbors help storm victims in Bell County recover

Posted at 3:35 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 16:35:29-04

Just days after an EF-3 Tornado ravaged dozens of homes and properties west of Salado, volunteers and neighbors like Trey Mohler are there to help.

They’re rebuilding fences, clearing debris, and helping longtimers like Brit and Susan Owens get back on their feet.

“There’s just hundreds of people that show up with tools, supplies, equipment, food, medical necessities. It’s unreal,” said Brit.

The Owens say the storm tore down 2.5 miles of their cattle fence. Mohler, a local business owner, stepped up to help.

“They understand that you’re trying to do good for someone. A lot of people will do good for you if you’re helping out. You have to communicate and let them know what’s going on,” said Mohler.

The Owens say they also received help from dozens of church members others… who cleared debris, gave food, and more.

“When everything is crashing down around you you don’t know what to hit first. So when people just show up and start helping out it’s amazing,” said Susan.

Owen says it just goes to show that well many things in this town are broken, and the community’s helping spirit remains intact.

There are people all over giving out food and creating GoFundMe accounts to support storm victims.